Beautiful Vasilissa

vasilisa  This girl is Beautiful Vasilissa, who has been sent by her Evil Stepmother to get fire, to light the stove, and to light candles in the house, because they have all gone out. But it is actually a wicked scheme to get her to go to Baba Yaga’s house, where the witch is bound to EAT HER ALL UP!

But, because she has a magic doll given to her by her dying mother, Beautiful Vasilissa is able to accomplish all the impossible tasks Baba Yaga sets her, and when Baba Yaga asks her how she can do this, Beautiful Vasilissa says it’s because she has been given a blessing! And that is quite enough for Baba Yaga to want her out of the house.

However, she was sent out [remember?] to get fire, so Baba Yaga says she can take one of the illuminated skulls that sit on the posts of the palisade fence all round the magic hut.


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