Where can you hear stories told?

STORY CLUBS in Hampshire and Wiltshire
Southampton Story Club 1st Thursday in the month 8pm-10pm
The Art House, 178 Above Bar, Southampton, SO14 7DW
Sarum Story Club 2nd Tuesday in the month 8pm-10pm
The Wyndham Arms, 27 Estcourt Road, Salisbury, SP1 3AS
Wykeham Tales 2nd Wednesday in the month 8pm-10pm
The Hyde Tavern, 57 Hyde Street, Winchester, SO23 7DY
Heads and Tales Story Club 3rd Thursday in the month 8pm-10pm
The Boston Tea Party, Unit 15 Furlong Centre, Ringwood, BH24 1AT
More stories: Sting in the Tale organises a story festival in East Dorset in August, and also advertises events throughout the year on its Facebook page
Mister Rook’s Speakeasy is in Frome and they have monthly shows [more performance than open mike with regular tellers] They also do an e-newsletter

This is the link to the Earthouse, an amazing turf-roofed building where stories are told. Ring the East Dorset Heritage Trust, 01202 888992, for tickets and further information.

Poetika is a poetry open mic evening, 3rd Wednesday in the month 7.30pm-9.30pm in The Cloisters, 83 Catherine Street, Salisbury SP1 2DH
Andover Story Tellers will be meeting for the first time at Town Mills, 20 Bridge Street, SP10 1BL [we’ll be upstairs somewhere] on the first Tuesday of the month, which is February 7th… The previous club we started, Hare Today, had one meeting before the Lunar Hare closed its doors… let’s hope this is not an omen!

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