Schmidhammer’s bookcover

which is also the last picture in the book – see what i mean about the use of green – and the forester/huntsman is wearing the traditional costume, like the hunters in Wilhelm Busch or Bugs Bunny, with the leggings! You can find the book at Continue reading Schmidhammer’s bookcover


I’ve already mentioned them on my page on Russian Tales, the knights-errant from Kiev, but here is Viktor Vasnetsov’s painting of the three most famous, whose adventures are told in various byliny: Dobryna Nikitich [the courageous one] is on the left, Alyosha Popovich [the clever one] is on the right, and Ilya of Murom [the honest one] is in the middle. A full-length 1956 film about … Continue reading Bogatyri