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Rapunzel’s Tower – not IRL!

Rapunzel's Tower - not IRL!

So – is it poverty of imagination? Or the ability to see the fairytale world in reality? Sleeping Beauty, too, has a real-life, semi-overgrown castle as her model in Ubbelohde’s world. But then the Grimm stories DO take place in sleepy old Germany… and the interiors in Schmidhammer are just as real…





Lustschlößchen in Amönau (Hesse, Germany) – template for Rapunzel tower – this, in some ways, is what storytellers do: when they describe some fantastic scene or other they usually have something real in their head. Or do you disagree?


Ubbelohde’s Frog Prince

Ubbelohde's Frog Prince

which is a Frog-King in German and Slav languages…
Ubbelohde also chooses real buildings as the models for his fairytale settings.


Schmidhammer’s bookcover

Schmidhammer's bookcover

which is also the last picture in the book – see what i mean about the use of green – and the forester/huntsman is wearing the traditional costume, like the hunters in Wilhelm Busch or Bugs Bunny, with the leggings! You can find the book at


Schmidhammer’s Little Red Riding Hood

Schmidhammer's Little Red Riding Hood

What a scary forest! What a scary wolf! What a wonderful green he had available for the whole book!


Arpad Schmidhammer’s version of The Golden Goose

Arpad Schmidhammer's version of The Golden Goose

Schmidhammer is an exciting illustrator of Grimm stories whom I’ve just discovered – and I want to keep quiet about the books he illustrated during WW1.